Cannabis Plants Seized from House in Eyres Monsell

Cannabis Plants Seized from House in Eyres Monsell

Police seized some of the cultivation equipments and 40 marijuana plants. The police could achieve this goal after getting a tip-off from a general public person. A resident of Strensall Road named Eyres Monsell, Leicester passed on his suspicions and the officers in charge called the helicopter force to check on it.

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The camera in the helicopter had thermal imaging camera, which detected heat coming out of the house in abnormal quantities. The cultivation equipment was generating the heat. The officers from Welford Road police station raided the house last month. Inspector Rich Toone, commander of Welford Road police station, said: “We initially received a tip-off from a member of the public who said they could smell cbd oil in the area. They had asked the police helicopter to use their thermal imaging camera to capture images.”

The property was reported to be emitting large amount of heat, which indicated that in order to grow drugs, high power ultra violet lamps were being used. Reports suggested that almost 16 plants were found in one room and approximately 24 plants in the other and there was also some cultivation equipment.

The house was cleared and investigations resumed. The officials suggested that they were committed to tackling the drug misuse and would follow up all leads, which would relate to illegal drugs. They also urged people to come forward in public and without any hesitation give any clues or leads regarding the same.

Police suggested that the signs that could help identify cannabis factories included curtains being drawn all the time, all windows colored dark and closed throughout. Another sign would be that visitors would arrive at odd times of the day and large amounts of soil, fertilizers, and other harvesting material would also be brought to the property at frequent intervals. The sound that these equipments make would resemble that of hummingbird and it would also emit smell of cannabis in and around the property

They urged people who suspected cultivation activities going on in, and around their houses to report to the police for necessary action to be taken at the appropriate time.

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