Can You Really Die from Smoking Cannabis Weed?

A 31-year old lady fell to death; sources say that weed was the main reason behind her death. Is this real? Can this happen to anybody? Denver and Seattle city came with a report that a young lady had apparently died due to cbd benefits toxicity. This news (even if it is rumor) sounds genuine and not like last time’s hoax report that stated 37 dead after legalizing marijuana in Colorado State. January’s hoax report was unbelievable, which reported 37 deaths from cannabis in state, soon after the lawsuit accepting the drug went into effect.

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A 31-year old woman, reportedly a cannabis user from few months, was found dead in her house in the month of October. Gemma Moss was mother of 3 kids and said to be using marijuana very often. The evaluation stated that death was due to marijuana, an extremely rare grit. Analysts and pathologists said that they found moderate to high levels of marijuanaoids in her blood. People consume or smoke weed to get high, but it could affect their liver, lungs, and normal heart, says pathologist. In her case, doctors consider marijuana pot as the main culprit.

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Though marijuana is illegal in many states, there are many weed shops and breeders offering this drug for recreational activities. Gemma Moss was the first person to die in England due to weed consumption, as per records in past ten years.

In the United States, there are no such official reports found; as per CDC reports, Wiki answers there are nearly 26 deaths from 1999 to 2007. There won’t be sudden death from this consumption or weed smoking. Marijuana is considered as a drug to use for medical purposes, but it might leave a dangerous effect on one’s heart; it could generate heart rhythm problems, increase in blood pressure, increase in pulse, and lethal rhythm disturbance.  

A study conducted in 2001 pointed the association between heart attacks and marijuana. A Harvard-based group conducted a survey in 2008 and reported that there was an increased risk of death in people suffering from heart related problems, if they continue smoking cannabis weeds. This group has also pointed that caffeine triggers heart attack. The decriminalization of cannabis could be responsible for public health danger; it is quite strange to see legalization of weeds and cannabis occurring at the same time when campaign reduction on tobacco consumption is going viral globally and nationally.

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