4 Ways Fake Eyelashes Enhance Your Look

Eyelashes play an important role in glamming up your look. In case you feel that your natural lashes aren’t doing the job for you, there is always the option of using fake eyelashes. If you are wearing them for the first time, it would help to know how to put on fake eyelashes.

Seemingly tricky, putting on fake eyelashes is a relatively simple task. All you need is fake lashes, eyelash adhesive and a tweezer. The fake lash should and your natural eye line must be equal in length. In case it is longer, trim it the fake eyelashes until they are of the same size. Start off by curling your natural lashes using an eyelash curler. Next, use a tweezer to hold the fake lashes from the centre and apply the adhesive on the edges. It takes 30-45 seconds for the adhesive to dry. Now bring them closer to your lash line and start the sticking process. Start from the centre and move towards the edges before you finish off with the inner corners. Press a little to make it look natural.

Now, that you are aware of the process of putting on fake eyelashes, here’s how they enhance your beauty:

Gives Eyes a Bolder Look:

Fake lashes are the best way to give you a fierce and bold look. It adds an extra flutter and enhances your look in seconds. They also work beautifully if you have very thin lashes as they give you the much-needed volume. All you need to keep in mind is to choose fake lashes with thin and short hair in order to maintain a natural finish.

Enhances the Structure of the Face:

The fake lashes make eyes look prominent and draw more attention towards them. As it defines the natural shape of your eyes, it leads to enhancing the face structure. You can emphasise more on this by adding directional lines with these fake lashes, defining your cheek and eyebrow bones.

Gives More Dimension to Eyes:

Long eyelashes are known to give eyes a special appearance and more distinction. Not everyone is blessed with long lashes naturally. As false lashes help to open up the eye a little more it adds more dimension to their shape. The wearer looks more beautiful and different from their regular look.

It gives your Makeup a Wow Effect:

Long eyelashes make you look beautiful even without makeup. In case you choose to apply make-up, the result is extraordinarily beautiful. The false lashes create a bold lash line even if somebody hasn’t applied liner. They are a sure shot way to add an oomph factor to your makeup.

Dramatic eyelashes are back in vogue. Nothing gives a woman more confidence than knowing that people around her are acknowledging and appreciating her looks. Long lashes make a woman more attractive to people and make her seem more approachable.

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